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The Locke Park Series

More Mile

2016 10 mile start


20 Mile Race - 18th March 10.00 start

Pie & Peas 5 Mile - 9th May 7.30 start

 10 Mile Race - 28th October 10.00 start


 Fees: 20 Mile £16,  10 Mile £13,  5 Mile £11. (Add £3 if Unattached)

Please note that prizes for the above races will be awarded to the top age related performances.


Once again – there will be a 10 Mile option for the 20 miler. Aimed at those who perhaps don’t get in the required training or don’t feel that good on the day (20 miles is a long way!). Only one race to enter and you can decide any time up to 9.9 miles if you are doing the 10 Mile or 20 Mile. For the 10 miler you must stop at 10 miles, if you drop out after that, you will be considered “Did Not Finish”.


Minimum Ages 

20 Mile is 18 years, 10 mile is 17 years and 5 Mile is 15 years - NO MAXIMUM


Closing Dates - normally 4 days before race day or when full - in recent years the 20 Miler was full weeks before.


Numbers for each race will be collected on the day. The numbers will have chips attached, however runners still need to show their numbers so that they can be seen on our video backup system.

In recent years we have raised over £3000 for the Friends of Locke Park – we hope to do the same in 2018



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Locke Park Races

Pie & Peas 5 Mile - Licence 2018-3017343 places left.
Locke Park 20 & 10 Miler - Licence 2018-2970646 places left.

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